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Disruptions are on the rise for healthcare supply chain

Business continuity is a growing issue for healthcare providers. Manufacturer consolidation as well as climate events and economic and political upheaval are disrupting healthcare supply chains at a greater rate than in the past. In addition, many integrated delivery networks (IDNs) continue to be reactive to back orders and recalls of essential medical products, rather than focusing on longer-term solutions that provide business continuity while maintaining profitability.

The total supply chain cost to serve for a health system averages 37.3% of the total cost of patient care.

I must say it is refreshing to see Gartner thinking ahead to recovery.  Most are only thinking about the here and now, but Gartner is helping me think about what comes next as well.

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Healthcare supply chains must respond positively and proactively

Threats and crises usually do not come with advance warnings. It is crucial to be resilient, with the ability to respond to change positively and proactively. In today’s environment with higher expectations of supply chain, healthcare providers must be ready to not only respond to change and challenges, but even anticipate them. Supply chain leaders at IDNs must employ preventive measures such as improved data analytics, external intelligence and supplier visibility to build a more resilient supply chain.

More than three-quarters of healthcare supply chain reorganized their structure in the past three years.

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Gartner future work insights, advice, data and tools help supply chain leaders in healthcare to understand how disruptions will impact them and what they can do to prepare.

The Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2019

Who is setting the standard for supply chain excellence in healthcare today? Twenty-five manufacturers, IDNs, distributors and retail pharmacies will be recognized for their capabilities and leadership across the complex and interdependent healthcare supply chain.

Dispatches From the Front: MultiCare Health System

In this audio, MultiCare’s System VP of Supply Chain Jason Moulding shares his experiences in response to COVID-19 with insights on personal protective equipment (PPE) conservation policies, CEO engagement, and demand and inventory management.

Innovation during the COVID-19 Healthcare Supply Chain Response

In this blog, Eric O’Daffer, VP Analyst at Gartner, explains the need for innovation in the healthcare supply chain and highlights some of the submission themes for the 2020 Chainnovator Awards.

Dispatches From the Front: Novant Health

In this audio, Novant Health’s Senior VP of Supply Chain Mark Welch and VP of Logistics and Supply Chain Operations Mike Bianchin, share experiences in response to COVID-19.

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