Implementing a Healthcare Resiliency Plan In-House

The chief supply chain officer (CSCO) of a leading cancer center was given a mandate to create a business continuity plan (BCP) within a short time frame. Under severe resource constraints due to the disruption from COVID-19, the CSCO reached out to Gartner for support. The client was able to develop and implement a best-in-class healthcare BCP in-house, saving up to $150,000 in consulting fees.

Mission-critical priority

The cancer center CSCO was given a mandate by the CEO to complete a resiliency plan within four to eight weeks. Due to the disruption from the pandemic, the CSCO was short on time and resources. 

How Gartner helped

Our experts provided guidance and insights on a best practice case study that the client used to model their plan. Leveraging our tools and resources, the client was able to meet their objective within the required time frame without hiring a consulting firm.

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client: 

  • Created and executed a best-in-class healthcare BCP in-house within eight weeks
  • Saved up to $150,000 in consulting fees

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