Supply Chain Logistics: Balance Cost and Customer Experience

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Assessing Supply Chain Maturity for Logistics

Maturity assessment is the first stage of engagement and change management in the pursuit of a complex transformational change effort. Gartner's Five-Stage Maturity Model for Logistics Excellence is used as a benchmark to evaluate the maturity of an organization's current-state logistics capabilties from the perspective of the internal stakeholders. The results allow supply chain leaders to establish a capability baseline for the logistics function, identify critical gaps, prioritize initiatives and design an effective development strategy.

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    The path to logistics excellence is partly defined by an organization’s current level of logistics maturity.

    James Lisica

    Director, Gartner Research & Advisory

    Enhance your supply chain logistics capabilities

    Customers are more connected, informed, mobile — and demanding — than ever before. To compete effectively, you need to enhance your supply chain logistics capabilities and extend your networks. We have the insights, advice and tools to help you get there.

    63% of shippers are increasing use of outsourced logistics services while 28% of shippers are returning to insourced operations

    Supply chain logistics insights you can use

    Supply chain logistics leaders must design and manage a logistics organization that offers consistent and reliable delivery services, yet can adapt to provide segmented customer requirements. They must also maximize and innovate the performance of their logistics operations, while continuously improving operating efficiency. Gartner's research and advice helps supply chain logistics leaders address these challenges as they strive to build world-class, sustainable logistics organizations and capabilities.

    Use The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Logistics Insight Into a Post-COVID World

    Logistics service providers are constantly looking to differentiate their offering in the market with new services and/or the rebranding of their existing portfolio. This complimentary webinar looks at what logistics service providers must do to stand out in the new marketplace.

    How Logistics Leaders Can Thrive Despite Economic Uncertainty

    While some organizations stand still in the face of economic uncertainty, successful organizations prepare to take calculated risks. Supply chain logistics leaders can use this research to prepare for technology disruptors, waste elimination and upskill their teams to navigate uncertainty and change.

    A Logistics Action Guide to Staying Agile in the Turns

    Logistics leaders need a global strategy that is aligned and executed regionally and locally. Understanding your organization’s level of maturity will clarify the capabilities you have and those you need to support the business as it changes.

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    Resulted in savings of $2.1 million.
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    Reducing 3PL Contract Renewal Costs

    A large enterprise manufacturing firm’s contract with their third-party logistics (3PL) was coming to term. With Gartner’s support, the client was able to review their existing contract, the proposed renewal contract, and find efficiencies helping the client negotiate their renewal contract, which resulted in cost savings of $2.1 million.

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