Information Technology

Gartner Predicts the Future and Impacts of AI Beyond 2021

| 1 hour

Artificial intelligence (AI) will transform every industry, and it will affect people and society. But do we fully see the extent of these transformations? Even more importantly, do we discern the second- and third-order consequences? We often hear overly optimistic and overly pessimistic predictions in the public discourse. This complimentary webinar will help you navigate debates and revelations about generative AI, synthetic data, deep fakes, AI engineering, graph techniques and AI in the cloud. Plus, you will find out how to overcome some of the most pressing challenges that AI presents.

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Discussion Topics:
  • How IT leaders can accelerate and sustain the industrialization of artificial intelligence (AI)
  • How AI will transform industries
  • Understand the impact of AI on people and society
Hosted by

Avivah Litan

Distinguished VP Analyst

Svetlana Sicular

VP Analyst

Farhan Choudhary

Assoc Principal Analyst

Anthony Mullen

Sr Director Analyst