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Tech Growth and Innovation Preview: Customer Centricity is the Key to Growth

| 1 hour

Technology and market dynamics are constantly changing. Meanwhile, buying and owning processes have become more complex. Every point in the life cycle, from first engagement through decision, implementation, customer satisfaction and retention, presents executives with big challenges to business growth. Gartner research has found that the key to tech and service provider revenue growth is a relentless customer centricity, from your first interaction to your last.

The upcoming Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference 2022, taking place virtually on July 12 and 13, will dive deeper into why customers are so important to your processes and what you need to focus on to succeed. This free webinar offers a preview of the insights Gartner will share. We will cover how you can meet the challenges of complex buying and owning processes, disruptive emerging technologies and market forces, while keeping your customer’s needs at the center of your business. You will walk away from this session with best practices, actionable insights you should follow and knowing what you shouldn’t miss at the conference.

Discussion Topics:
  • Anticipate market and technology disruptions
  • Improve buying and product experiences
  • Optimize organizational structure
  • Expert advice on how you can get the most value for your business from the Tech Growth and Innovation Conference

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Eric Trenk

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Christy Ferguson

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Chrissy Healey

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