Our Methodologies and Tools

Make key decisions, faster and with more confidence.

Plan more decisively and tackle your objectives more efficiently using methodologies and tools that translate data into precise, actionable insights.

Stay ahead of the competition knowing your energy, investments and time are focused on your most critical goals.

Proprietary Methodologies

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Marketing Maturity Assessment

Do a self-assessment of your organization’s digital maturity level and see where to invest in technology and talent to reach the next level.

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Magic Quadrants

Chart the competitive positioning of digital service and technology providers so you can evaluate how their strengths, weaknesses, vision and performance will apply to your goals.

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Critical Capabilities

Get a complete view of the digital market with richer insight into the specific products and services vendors provide. Critical Capabilities is an essential companion to the Magic Quadrant.

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Hype Cycle

Minimize the risk of your digital investments and weigh your options more clearly by understanding how relevant technologies will evolve over time.

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Market Guide

Stay ahead of the trends, providers and significant attributes of relevant digital markets so you can evaluate their potential to impact your strategy.

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Vendor Ratings and Guides

See how providers’ offerings and strategic direction align with your business objectives and assess who’s leading, who’s following and how they’re performing.

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Evaluation Criteria

Understand the critical features and functions of marketing technologies to determine which solution is right for you. Use it to jump start RFIs and improve the quality of your RFPs.

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Digital Transit Map

Simplify the digital landscape by mapping the connections between business functions, applications and providers — so you can easily see where marketing and IT align.

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More Proven Tools to help organize and prioritize your planning. 

Toolkits, Formulas and Frameworks

Develop personas, calculate ROI, build business cases, identify KPIs and refine analytics.

How To and Step-by-Step Guides

Plan and prioritize initiatives, outline and implement best practices and develop more effective strategies with step-by-step approaches that organize your resources around your objectives.


Ongoing Surveys

Guide your planning and investments with insight from formal and informal surveys that show how marketers and business leaders are addressing a wide array of digital challenges.

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