Elizabeth Shaw is a Research Director,  focusing on innovation, leading and managing marketing and social marketing.  Elizabeth helps marketing and innovation leaders to deliver on digital marketing transformation and innovation mandates. She instructs clients on how to develop a business case for innovation, build teams focused on innovation and nurture a culture of innovation. Ms. Shaw also helps marketers to understand the role of social media and its future. She has held various marketing practitioner and thought leadership roles focused on innovation and digital marketing for over 17 years at leading companies including Sephora, Cisco Systems and Omnicom Group.


Areas of Focus

Leading and Managing Marketing

Social Marketing 




Director, Innovation Lab

Forrester Research

Emerging Media and Marketing Technologies Analyst

Constellation Brands

Digital Marketing Manager, Global Brands

Top 6 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. WWhat is the innovation landscape, and how should marketing leaders navigate it?
  2. Should I build my own innovation lab or team, outsource or take a hybrid approach?
  3. What are best practices for marketing leaders to organize, prioritize and budget around innovation mandates and initiatives?
  4. How should I assess my organization's innovation and/or social media maturity and develop a roadmap to progress to the next level?
  5. How should marketing leaders develop social marketing strategies and implement them?
  6. How should marketers evaluate and test new networks and features on social platforms?


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February 12, 2018