Gartner Marketing
Predictions 2019

Gartner Marketing Predictions 2019

Gartner Marketing Predictions 2019

Gartner Marketing Predictions 2019

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  • AI content-generation
  • Shifting consumer appetite for video
  • User-level control of marketing data
  • Profitability as the CMO’s No. 1 priority

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Six Top Predictions for 2019:


By 2022, profitability will replace customer experience as the CMO’s No. 1 strategic priority, reducing investment in marketing-funded CX programs by at least 25%.


Brands that put in place user-level control of marketing data will reduce customer churn by 40% and increase lifetime value by 25% in 2023.


By 2022, content creators will produce more than 30% of their digital content with the aid of AI content-generation techniques, increasing productivity and advertising effectiveness but also disrupting the creative process.


By 2023, 60% of CMOs will slash the size of their marketing analytics departments by 50% because of a failure to realize promised improvements.


By 2023, autonomous marketing systems will issue 55% of multichannel marketing messages based on marketer criteria and real-time consumer behavior, resulting in a 25% increase in response rates.


By 2023, consumers will watch 20% fewer minutes of video advertising per day than they do today. Brands will adapt by embracing short-form video ads.

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