The CMO Spend Survey

The CMO Spend
Survey 2018-2019

The CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019

The CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019

WATCH: Ewan McIntyre, Senior Director, shares his important research and findings from the survey.

Top 5 Key Insights:

57% of CEOs are prepared to invest more in marketing, but budgets are at risk if marketers continue to prioritize measures such as awareness over ROI.

Economic uncertainty and other insights predict cost optimization plans will be a necessary priority.

Marketing technology will get the lionshare of investment but lower investment in talent puts the ability to leverage the tools at risk.

CX is a top priority getting 18% share of spend but marketers should expect changes in CX ownership.

Tried and true channels continue to drive measurable results and are going to get 25% of the investments.

You’ll Get Answers to These Important Questions:

  • How does my spend and strategy stack up against my peers?

  • Which channels are getting the most investment?

  • Can you measure the return on your marketing budget allocations by channel?

  • Is your team structured to execute on your investments?

  • Are your investment aligned with the business priorities to demonstrate impact to the C-Suite?

Learn 5 key findings that show how CMOs allocate budgets, prioritize investments and optimize marketing strategies.

Watch this Gartner for Marketers webinar for must-see key findings of the Gartner 2018-2019 CMO Spend Survey that will impact CMOs and marketing leaders across every industry.

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Listen to Ewan McIntyre, Research Director, discuss key themes from the 2018-2019 CMO Spend Survey.

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The CMO Spend Survey not only looks at how CMOs are allocating their budgets, but also highlights the strategic priorities of CMOs for the year ahead. Listen as Ewan McIntyre, Research Director, discusses what CMOs are looking forward to in the year ahead.

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About the Analyst:

Ewan McIntyre covers marketing leadership and management, specializing in how:
  • Next-generation marketing organizations and leaders allocate resources and budgets to deliver measurable, optimized performance

  • To build the right team, combining in-house and outsourced resources

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