Analyst Profile

Barika Pace

Barika Pace

Sr Director Analyst

2 years at Gartner ,  16 years industry experience

Roles and Responsibilities

Barika L Pace does research focused on building strong teams, protecting customer brands in the face of disruptions including Internet of Things (IoT), social media, operational technology (OT), regulations, digital security threats and countering data privacy risk. Through a product management lens, Ms. Pace helps clients identify top talent requirements. Her work focuses on overcoming recruiting challenges, retention, providing insights into diversity, inclusion and recruiting. In addition, she leverages her digital security background to assist clients in overcoming disruptions such as, IoT, social media, the digitization of manufacturing, and navigating the fast pace of security threats that can damage brands. Her research recognizes that in today's interconnective world protecting customers and brand reputation requires, an increase focus on multiple channels to conduct fraud detection, address cyber-physical security risk, counter distributive malware, and to meet the challenges of increasing regulatory environment through continuous innovation. Also, Ms. Pace's research focuses on helping clients improve customer experience, through effective messaging, communication, and brand management. She helps clients define customer personas, improve customer journey, and brand positioning. Finally, Barika enjoys working with tech CEOs, product leaders, product marketing leadership, CMO's, CISOs, digital manufacturing product innovators, security providers, and various clients on organizational and cultural changes needed to remain agile.


Previous Experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Ms. Pace held several leadership positions at General Electric, Ford Motor Company and IBM in smart manufacturing, IoT, product management and Cybersecurity. She enjoyed building agile product teams and delivering value. Early on in her career she enjoyed working in the public sector for U.S. Department of Labor. These varied backgrounds provided her with multifaceted insights on market and business challenges and opportunities.

Professional Background

Ford Motor Company, Senior Analyst, 2 years
General Electric, Senior Product Manager, 5 years
IBM, Senior Consultant , 3 years


B.A., Michigan State University
M.A., Wayne State University
Post Graduate Certificate, Harvard University



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