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Andrew Anthony Stevens

Sr Director Analyst

Andrew Stevens is a Research Director within Gartner's Supply Chain Technology group. His research interests include best practices , early benchmarks and evolving marketspaces for evolving solutions and services that impact decision making and planning across the end to end Supply Chain: for example Supply Chain Security , Industry 4.0 , Artificial Intelligence and Analytics , Internet of Things (IoT) , Edge , 5G , Data Governance and Digitalization. He assists clients in the biotechnology , pharmaceutical life sciences , medical devices sectors for strategy and planning across the full healthcare value chain including shifts towards more tailored, precision and personalized medicines and therapeutics .Research coverage also includes special global regulatory and compliance challenges including product security , anticounterfeiting and falsified medicines , visibility , final mile fulfillment with a library of research on regulations including the Falsified Medicines Act (FMD) and EU MDR in Europe.

Mr Stevens works across both end user brand owner and manufaruing organizations , service integrators, technical specialists and technology solutions providers across all industry verticals (as well as researching emerging new industry verticals) to help map out strategy, communications, planning and execution across a broad range of supply chain initiatives and objectives relating to legacy ,existing, new and emerging technologies.

Previous experience


Professional background


Supply Chain Manager

Cisco Systems

Supply Chain Manager

Samsung Semiconductor Europe

Production and Demand Planning Manager

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Technology Strategy and Selection

Manufacturing Operations

Quality Management

Logistics and Fulfillment

CSCO Strategic Leadership


B.Sc., with Honors, Chemistry. University College of Wales, U.K.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are the process and technology trends, challenges, critical paths and opportunities in the Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Healthcare value chain

2What are top technology trends, themes and best practices across supply chain networks?

3What are the best practices, industry benchmarks and technology solutions deployed across different companies for extending levels of supply chain traceability transparency, security and governance?

4How do we track and mange different kinds of assets across our supply chain (especially returnable and reusable logistics and transport assets)?

5How do we manage, plan and deliver across Track-and-Trace, Cold Chain and Serialization compliance requirements