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Andrew Anthony Stevens

Sr Director Analyst

Andrew Anthony Stevens is a Research Director within Gartner's Supply Chain Technology group. His research interests include Blockchain for Supply Chain, Supply Chain Traceability, Emerging and Nascent technologies impacting decision making across the Supply Chain (for example AI and augmented reality), asset management, governance and tracking across the supply chain, diagnostics image capture and sensors across the Supply Chain, the Internet of Things (IoT) across the end-to-end supply chain, frameworks and supporting technology infrastructures and strategy.

Mr. Stevens also has a comprehensive coverage of the new wave of supply chain track-and-trace, data capture and serialization capabilities and technology solutions including coverage on anti-counterfeiting and Physical Product Security. He assists clients in the life sciences, medical devices and healthcare value chain manage and plan across complex global regulatory and compliance challenges especially for Track-and-Trace and Serialization, Unique Device Identification (UDI), Falsified Medicines Act (FMD) and MDR in Europe. Mr Stevens also helps clients interested in technology solutions to help in minimizing risk and enhancing product integrity across the end to end supply chain and industry challenges that are driving levels of urgency such as product safety, quality, corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Mr. Stevens works with global brand companies, service integrators, technical specialists and technology solutions providers across all industry verticals (as well as researching emerging industry verticals) to help map out strategy, communications, planning and execution across a broad range of supply chain initiatives and objectives relating to existing, new and emerging technologies.

Previous experience

With Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Mr. Stevens was a multisite Project Leader for implementation of a real-time processing and inventory solutions across all levels of the business, and as an initiator for a full MES roll out in Raw Materials, API, NPIs and intermediate batch processing integrated solution through the SAP enterprise

With Pfizer, he had end-to-end supply chain responsibility for a broad and diverse range of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Product), Semi-Finished Goods, NPIs as well as Comparator Molecules and Peripheral Clinical Supplies. Supporting pharmaceutical and drug products for both humans and animal health. Sandwich site specialized in technically challenging molecules and recently Regulatory (FDA)-approved pharmaceuticals products post-Clinical Trials at Pfizer. Products responsibilities included Sildenafil (Viagra), Fluconazole, Selamectin, Amlodipine (Norvasc), Voriconazle (Vfend)

With Cisco Systems, he was involved in demand management utilizing DRP/MRP and APO to support very rapid period of growth in the EMEA and Africa service depot network, NPI product life cycle management. He was also engaged in strategic roll out of a European 24/7 rapid fulfilment distribution depot network- in-house depots, managed third-party depots and unmanned inventory depots.

With Samsung Semiconductor, Mr. Stevens was involved in development, coaching and training of new European Supply Chain Function- 4 strong team at Samsung Semiconductor.

He was engaged in demand planning, inventory management, forecasting and short-term scheduling. He was involved in production planning and master scheduling for in-house production facilities in Korea and global contract manufacturing vendors. He was a SAP team implementation member and modular expert- implementation was achieved within 6 months.

Professional background


Supply Chain Manager

Cisco Systems

Supply Chain Manager

Samsung Semiconductor Europe

Production and Demand Planning Manager

Areas of coverage

Supply Chain Customer Fulfillment and Collaboration

Logistics Strategy and Operations

Technology and Solutions for Supply Chain and Operations

Supply Chain Strategy, Leadership and Governance

Manufacturing Operations Strategy and Performance


B.Sc., with Honors, Chemistry

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How do we develop a core competency and positioning for blockchain, and how do we communicate key insights and strategy to key decision makers , influencers across our supply chain networks

2What are the best practices, industry benchmarks and technology solutions deployed across different companies for extending levels of supply chain visibility and transparency and responsibility

3How do we manage , plan and deliver across Track-and-Trace and Serialization compliance requirements

4How do we track and mange different kinds of assets across our supply chain (especially returnable and reusable logistics and transport assets). Which companies and industries are leading and what.

5What are the trends , challenges , critical paths and opportunities in the Life Sciences and Healthcare value chain and how can technology solutions play a role to accelerate levels of supply chain