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Ashwani Gupta

Director Analyst

Ashwani Gupta works with heads of tax and senior finance leaders across industries to understand, diagnose, plan, and implement functional improvement opportunities to achieve an efficient and lean tax function.

Mr. Gupta helps tax leaders assess the current and desired maturity of the function, its organization and resourcing needs, process improvement opportunities in areas including tax planning, risk management, tax provision, tax compliance and emerging tax issues such as tax reform. Having worked with tax clients for over ten years, he is uniquely equipped to support heads of tax in enabling and achieving functional objectives.

Previous experience

Mr. Gupta was previously an Executive Advisor at CEB.

Professional background


Executive Advisor

Areas of coverage

Tax and Accounting Processes


Masters in Business Administration, Finance

Bachelor of Commerce, Finance and Accounting

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Tax transformation, tax functional maturity

2Tax process effectiveness

3Managing and communication tax function performance

4Tax functional structure and resourcing

5Tax's partnership with the business