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Avivah Litan

Distinguished VP Analyst

Avivah Litan is a Distinguished VP Analyst in Gartner Research. Ms. Litan is currently a member of the ITL AI team that covers AI and Blockchain. She is the lead Gartner analyst who started and continues coverage of AI Trust Risk and Security, which has been in strong demand since the launch of ChatGPT. Ms.Litan also helps cover the use of AI including Generative AI in Cybersecurity. She specializes in all aspects of Blockchain innovation, ranging from public to private chains, use cases, security and emerging technologies.

Ms. Litan has a strong background in many aspects of cybersecurity and fraud, including the integration of AI with these domains. This background is useful in her current coverage of securing and protecting AI models, applications and data as well as blockchain applications. Her background also supports her research into integrating advanced technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI to solve specific use cases, such as detecting fake content or goods.

Before joining Gartner, Ms. Litan worked as a Director of Financial Systems at the World Bank. She also worked as a journalist and columnist for the Washington Times. She earned her Masters of Science at M.I.T. and graduated a general manager's course at Harvard Business School.

Previous experience

Senior Manager for World Bank Financial and Operational Application Systems. Managed diverse international staff of 100 plus employees and liased with Senior World Bank management on application and systems support, roadmaps, and issue resolution.

Professional background

World Bank

Senior Manager

Booz Allen Hamilton


Sperry Univac

Systems Analyst

Areas of coverage

Artificial Intelligence


M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Executive Education Program, Harvard Business School

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1What are the best practices for managing AI Trust Risk and Security in our organization?

2What frameworks and policies should I use for managing AI Trust Risk and Security?

3Which technology suppliers and open source projects can best support my AI Trust Risk and Security projects?

4How can I use blockchain technology to support and improve my business requirements?

5What are the best practices for implementing blockchain projects and which vendors and suppliers can support my projects?