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Farhan Choudhary

Assoc Principal Analyst

Farhan Choudhary is a part of Research Analyst Lab focusing on Artificial Intelligence along with Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He helps clients with best practices around operationalizing machine learning models, hiring and upskilling, organizational strategies, platforms/tools (buy vs. build vs. outsource) and management techniques (DataOps, DevOps, etc.) to achieve success with data science, ML and AI.

Previous experience

Mr. Choudhary previously worked in the area of air quality monitoring using IoT sensors and lead the first low-cost sensing network in New Delhi, India. He used the resulting data for analysis and air quality forecasts.

Previously, Mr. Choudhary also worked as a Data Scientist for various government, law enforcement, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) and private agencies in India and overseas with projects in financial data analytics, natural language processing and deep learning with computer vision (video/image analytics).

Professional background


Technical Manager

IL&FS Technologies Limited

Data Scientist



Areas of coverage

Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Data and Analytics Strategies

Artificial Intelligence


M.B.A., Dual Major: Finance and Marketing

Bachelor of Technology, Electrical Engineering, Additional Specializations in Data Science and Deep Learning

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Using AI, data science and machine learning to achieve competitive differentiation

2How to create a nurturing AI-centric organizational culture using DataOps and aligning resources to various functions

3How to start your data science journey with predictive and prescriptive analytics using different tools and platforms

4Understand data science, machine learning and deep learning (for structured and unstructured data) - using IoT sensors, cognitive systems (vision based) etc.

5How to operationalize ML models and establishing MLOps/AI Ops practices