Gartner Expert

Jennifer Sigler

Director Analyst

Dr. Sigler leads quantitative and qualitative research projects for Communications and Marketing clients in the fields of organizational structure, operations, team management, strategic planning, and measurement. She helps clients prioritize their goals and activities, align their resources to support key objectives, and manage their teams for optimal performance.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner, Dr. Sigler worked for 17 years in consulting, higher education, and publishing. She designed and delivered a range of training curricula in communications, project management, data interpretation and representation, research methods, mentoring, and the coaching management style.

Dr. Sigler has published in scholarly journals on topics related to organizational communication. Her Master's thesis explored vocational decision-making, and her doctoral dissertation focused on the impact of organizational structures on employees' experience of work.

Professional background

Open Capital Group, Nairobi, Kenya

Head of Organizational Learning

Purdue University

Communications Instructor

Virginia Tech

Communications Instructor

Areas of coverage

Marketing Organization and Talent

Marketing Operations



PhD, Communications, Purdue University

MA, Communications, Virginia Tech

BA, Modern Languages, Texas A&M University

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How should I structure my team?

2How do I improve my team's efficiency?

3How do I develop a strategic plan?

4How can I improve my communications measurement?

5What should our communications measurement reporting look like?