Data at the Core and the Power of Analytics to Transform

Watercare focuses on its customers and workforce experience to transform — delivering greater business agility, optimized and efficient business processes, and improved management insight across the customer experience and asset life cycle.

Mission-critical priority

Aggressive technology advances have completely changed how utility services providers could and should run their businesses, manage their assets, interact with their customers and motivate their workforce. Watercare undertook a large, accelerated strategic transformation effort focused on people — their workforce and customers — to deliver changes across technology, process and data to ultimately enable Watercare to better anticipate and respond to customer needs .

Key challenges included:

  • Functional versus collaborative focus
  • Outdated technology
  • Data distributed across many different platforms

How Gartner helped

Gartner was an independent voice guiding the Watercare team of executives through the planning and execution stages, including:

  • Data strategy support
  • Asset management strategy guidance
  • Planning workshops with experts
  • Strategy execution and delivery plan advice
  • Future-looking research, thought leadership materials and tactical delivery elements
  • Best-in-class templates/toolkits
  • Third-party partner negotiation strategy and relationship planning
  • Gartner conferences delivering tactical advice, future agendas and networking opportunities

Business impact

With Gartner support, Watercare saw significant cost savings in the asset management stream of work because of how data was structured, including better data insights for the business.

The transformation across the entire business has future-proofed Watercare, ensuring it can continue to respond to the ever growing and dynamic city of Auckland.

Goals met:

  • Increased customer centricity and service
  • Optimized business with technology, increased organizational pace and agility
  • Risk mitigation and fault detection through real-time data
  • Data-driven decisions, data visualisation and predictive insights

Energy & Utilities

Approx. $715.2 Million

Approx. 1,000

Program Director, Strategic Transformation Program

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We used Gartner, particulary in the data and analytics area, to make better decisions and develop truly disruptive strategies and plans.

Paul de Quaasteniet

Program Director, Strategic Transformation Program, Watercare

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