Empowering workforce through Data and Analytics Initiatives

NYC Health + Hospitals

With the mission to deliver high-quality health services to over 1 million New Yorkers every year, NYC Health + Hospitals required Gartner's support in scaling its data and analytics (D&A) program. The ultimate objective of the chief data officer (CDO) was to empower NYC Health + Hospitals' diverse workforce with access to high-quality data that saves time and enables them to make smarter strategic decisions.

Mission-critical priority

The CDO’s mission was to address the challenges and pain points of its workforce and build an operating model that saves time and allows the workforce to align its efforts with its priorities.

How Gartner helped

Gartner worked with the CDO to better understand the goals and pain points of NYC Health + Hospitals’ workforce, and as a result, they identified three key personas. Once the personas were outlined, we worked to redefine what technologies, capabilities and services are required and what organizational structure is needed to best support them. The Gartner Services Portfolio Toolkit was particularly helpful in aligning different service delivery providers to each of the persona needs.

Gartner’s guidance and targeted consulting engagements helped the client think holistically about the D&A program and build capabilities and increment maturity in a progressive, systematic and innovative manner. This included structuring and managing technology procurement across the full suite of analytics tools required for the program. A holistic approach to the D&A program helped them save time and efficiently manage their priorities.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, NYC Health + Hospitals managed to: 

  • Redefine business capabilities and services needed and build an organization structure that caters to those needs.
  • Design an operating model that connected each customer group to unique services, tailored specifically to cater to the needs of each of these groups.
  • Scale the existing D&A programs to address pain points and enable access to high quality data that helps its workforce make smarter strategic decisions.
  • Orchestrate procurement of required technologies in a highly-expedited time frame and helped secure advantageous vendor contracting.


$7.31 billion


Alexander Izaguirre, Ph.D., M.B.A., Chief Data Officer

Whether it's Gartner Consulting, toolkits, analyst inquiries, research documents, advisory services or peer connections, I always have resources readily available to help keep my initiatives moving forward.

Alexander Izaguirre

Chief Data Officer, NYC Health + Hospitals

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