Selecting and Optimizing
Martech Stack

A large insurance firm was looking to reboot stalled efforts to optimize its complex and expensive stack of marketing technologies. Leveraging Gartner research and experts, the client was able to reboot the project in far less time than expected and save time and money by accelerating vendor analysis.

Mission-critical priority

To optimize the martech stack, the new- to-role CMO was tasked with identifying the appropriate vendor mix and budget for the organization's size.

How Gartner helped

Using Gartner Market Guides, Magic Quadrants®️ and expert analysis, the client was able to evaluate the existing technology stack, identify new solutions to meet requirements and select vendors for initial evaluation. Gartner also provided research and advice to help the client optimize marketing spend. This helped our client showcase the value the new solution would bring to the company.

Business impact

With Gartner for Marketers, the client was able to:

  • Save thousands of dollars and time by reducing vendor evaluation time from 8 months to 1 day.
  • Build a business case for a new solution and achieve business buy-in from the board.
  • Evaluate the organizational structure to support the martech stack and improve marketing impact (ongoing effort).



$7 billion


Chief Marketing Officer

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