Marketing Data and Analytics

Increase data analytics proficiency to reach peak marketing performance

Marketing Analytics: Measure the Impact of Marketing

Marketing teams aspire to reach higher levels of maturity, understand ROI, inform investments and optimize campaigns. 

By leveraging advanced marketing analytics methods and technologies, organizations can better articulate the full impact of marketing investments. 

Download our research to:

  • Learn how to build an effective marketing analytics measurement strategy
  • Discover which marketing assessment methods must be deployed to draw significant inferences
  • Understand how to accurately measure and track the impact of campaigns in your marketing organization

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Drive ROI with advanced marketing analytics.

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    Increase marketing analytics proficiency to reach peak performance

    In a business environment with rising uncertainty, marketing analytics matter more than ever.  As marketing leaders are tasked to improve the customer experience, drive acquisition, increase loyalty and deliver growth for the business, they turn to data to power both their strategies and their personalization efforts.

    Leading marketers are developing new competencies in areas such as data sourcing, integration and management, and advanced analytics in order to meet the demands of greater automation and personalization.

    Graphic displaying the Core Marketing Analytics Competencies.

    Marketing analytics insights you can use

    Gartner insights on marketing data and analytics facilitate deeper customer understanding to help you gain a competitive edge and prove ROI.

    Build a best in class Marketing Data and Analytics Organization

    Nearly 50% of marketers say a best-in-class data analytics organization is their top challenge. Discover why you need a marketing analytics team, what skills you need for a best-in-class data analytics team, and if you might already have those skills in-house.

    Analytics teams must upskill to adapt to automation

    By prioritizing skill development, marketing and analytics leaders can enable analytics teams to complement, rather than be threatened by, automation. Find out how to build an effective marketing analytics function.

    Maximize the impact of the marketing analytics function

    As data and analytics have become the foundation of marketing, having the right skills and proficiency is crucial to achieving peak marketing performance. Learn how marketing teams are leveraging data and analytics to power modern marketing.

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    Gartner Marketing Analytics Case Studies

    We knew that we had several pieces that we had to really align from data governance, governance communications, personalization. Gartner [experts] have been spot-on for us as far as coming in on a specific topic and really, you know, bringing us through the knothole, so to speak, and getting us to understand what it will take to get from point A to point B. So in moving forward, all of these discussions and all of these interactions with Gartner really help us narrow down, and be very precise in what we needed to do to move into a future state and present that to our executive team.

    Jim Pendergast

    Senior VP, Member Experience, AARP
    Case Study

    AARP Takes on Differentiated CX for their Increasingly Tech-Savvy Members

    AARP saw the opportunity to deliver differentiated value that built on their reputation for exceptional customer service in digital. The AARP Member Experience Team recognized that major change was required from a technology, data and governance perspective to go from 25 years of a direct mail strategy to a personalized experience in the digital world.

    See how Gartner helped AARP enable personalized experiences and achieve cost savings.

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