Gartner marketing benchmarks help you measure, prioritize and improve functional activities and processes against your peers and competitors.

Leverage data to make faster decisions based on performance

Defend budget, optimize spend, identify goals for improvement

Accelerate channel mix effectiveness based on best-in-class brands

Featured marketing benchmarks

Marketing benchmarks provide the necessary frame of reference to help assess where you are with respect to your goals. Gartner's marketing benchmarks and tools deliver unbiased comparisons of marketing performance relative to best-in-class organizations.

Marketing budget & efficiency benchmarks

Defend your marketing budget and spot potential risks

Marketing budget and efficiency benchmarks are fueled by peer data and annual survey data to compare spending and resource allocation by industry, revenue, organization size and location. Gartner offers a wide range of marketing benchmarks including the annual CMO Spend Survey.

The 2022 Marketing Budget as a percentage of company revenue have climbed from 6.4% to 9.5%
Competitive Benchmarking

Digital performance benchmarks

Prioritize activities in line with business results

Gartner Digital Performance Benchmarks help rank digital marketing  performance across industry and dimension. Gartner's proprietary methodology, Digital IQ Index helps marketing leaders make smart investments across digital channels.

Marketing Channel Benchmarks

Maximize audience outreach and conversion with Channel benchmarking

Gartner marketing channel benchmarks allow marketers to measure their success in engaging and converting audiences in email, advertising and social channels, across industries and against their peers and competitors.

Digital IQ-Email benchmarking 2021

Download a sample B2B Marketing Score

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    Gartner score benchmark

    Benchmark key functional processes and activities

    Understand how well your marketing function is performing in its current state with one of Gartner for Marketers 4 proprietary Score benchmarks:

    • B2B Marketing
    • B2C Marketing
    • Communications
    • Customer Experience

    Our powerful diagnostic equips you to:

    • Support short- and long-term planning by clearly identifying next steps and associated resources.
    • Ensure alignment of strategy and resources with market opportunities and business needs.
    • Develop support for initiatives by gathering feedback from your leadership group.

    Marketing budget benchmarks help organizations keep tabs on what peers are prioritizing across channels and resources . We help apply budget benchmarks to more effectively plan, build and execute your strategic initiatives.

    Ewan McIntyre

    VP, Analyst, Gartner

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