Healthcare Marketing

Meet the demands of today’s patients with an optimized healthcare marketing strategy

Develop a digital marketing strategy to improve the patient journey

It’s a new day. As pandemic turbulence recedes, healthcare marketers face competitive pressure to attract and serve a more digitally sophisticated patient. Digital marketing leaders use patient-centered tools and resources to meet patient needs while deploying content marketing in multiple channels including social media, to establish themselves as knowledge centers.

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    Healthcare marketing comprises the strategic outreach and communication of patient-centric content and resources via websites, social media, paid advertising, SEO, email marketing, video and other mediums that healthcare providers, insurers, suppliers and advocacy groups use to attract healthcare consumers, guide them across the care continuum and keep them engaged.

    A healthcare marketing strategy covers the digital marketing and content marketing decisions around how to leverage marketing channels digitally and offline to target new and current patients, improve patient care, and generate growth and revenue.

    Today’s patients and potential patients are more digitally sophisticated, which means healthcare marketers have many channels open to them to focus their digital marketing and content marketing efforts. Current digital healthcare marketing trends include: designing a responsive and Google-friendly website, using SEO best practices across pages, and including multimedia. Having a fine-tuned content marketing strategy and making your business accessible online will improve your healthcare marketing strategy.

    As the pandemic evolved, so did the channels, assets and narratives managed by healthcare brands, accelerating strategic digital marketing and resulting in patients who increasingly turn to the internet via search engines and social media to find information, practices and hospitals to aid in their pursuit of optimal health. Digital marketing leaders are using content marketing to establish themselves as knowledge centers, as well as care centers, by investing in content-rich digital resources such as blogs and health libraries.

    2020’s digital healthcare marketing was all about keeping patients informed, loyal and engaged. For 2022, growth will be driven by the biggest trend, the “consumerization of healthcare.” Five healthcare marketing trends: Promoting patient engagement through live Q&As, video interviews, etc; utilizing patient referral marketing such as a patient rewards campaign; creating authentic social media content that highlights your work, process and patient results (patients prefer more frequently updated social media to websites); using videos to demonstrate your skills, your culture and results achieved for similar patients, and get higher search rankings; catching eyeballs with appealing visuals (even in your long-form content) to stand out, communicate quickly and make an impression.

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