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Understand changing consumer behaviors and identify the target audience to optimize go-to-market strategies, develop the right messaging, identify the right channels and build the right content to engage customers.

How we address your top challenges

Driving fast growth requires a deeper understanding of your target consumers' values. Marketers are challenged to understand changing consumer behaviors to acquire and retain customers. Our consumer insights and data dives provide a comprehensive overview of:

  • Key consumer cohorts and behavioral spaces
  • Links to signature research to inform decisions
  • Data analysis documents and trends on what comes next
  • Fresh perspectives on successful brand behavior 
  • Curated data findings on a wide array of consumer behaviors

Gen Z Consumer Values: Wave 9

Millennial Consumer Values: Wave 9

Gen X Consumer Values: Wave 9

Boomer Consumer Values: Wave 9

Parent Consumer Values: Wave 9

Latino Consumer Values: Wave 9

African-American Consumer Values: Wave 9

Asian-American Consumer Values: Wave 9

LGBTQ Consumer Values: Wave 9

Consumer Values: Wave 9

Food and Beverage: Wave 9

Media and Technology: Wave 9

Money and Spending: Wave 9

Global Consumer Overview: Wave 9

Gen Z in 2019

Millennials in 2019

Gen-Xers in 2019

Boomers in 2019

Parents in 2019

African-Americans in 2019

Asian-Americans in 2019

Latinos in 2019

Affluent Consumers in 2019

Beverages in 2019

Cause in 2019

Food in 2019

Health in 2019

Media in 2019

Money and Spending in 2019

Retail in 2019

Technology in 2019

Travel in 2019

Wellness in 2019

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