Streetwear has taken the global fashion industry by storm as young luxury shoppers obsess over the most-hyped sneakers, t-shirts and hoodies. This is especially true for China’s digitally savvy millennial and Gen Z consumers. To adapt to this changing luxury landscape, heritage luxury brands are updating both their styles and digital strategies to reach younger Chinese consumers on the platforms where they are the most active. This includes venturing into new item categories like sneakers, embracing collaborations with streetwear brands, adopting the streetwear-inspired “drop” model via digital platforms, and partnering with young celebrities to maintain relevance.

This report answers the following questions: 

  • Which digital platforms are luxury brands relying upon the most to market and sell items in the athleisure or streetwear category like t-shirts and sneakers?
  • As the race for the next luxury “it sneaker” continues, which luxury brands earned the most social buzz for their sneakers on Chinese social media, and how did they do it?
  • What luxury streetwear collaboration resonated the most with Chinese consumers, and which digital strategies led to its success?