Customer Loyalty and Experience Leader

Create exceptional customer experiences that will turn your prospects into loyal customers

Customer Experience Leaders
must develop effective CX strategies that improve customer satisfaction

75% of customer experience leaders have seen a positive business impact by improving customer satisfaction.  

Incomplete customer journey maps, outdated customer journey models and lagging behavior measures remain a key challenge for most customer experience leaders.

Download our Customer Experience Framework to:

  • Identify the right buying-cycle for your customers 
  • Improve CX to drive customer loyalty 
  • Turn prospects into business-driving champions
  • Develop effective customer journey maps

Download the CX research

Uncover how to develop an effective CX strategy

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    Gartner experts have been spot-on for us as far as coming in on a specific topic and bringing us through the knothole and getting us to understand what it will take to get from point A to point B.

    Jim Pendergast

    SVP, Member Experience, AARP

    How we address your top customer experience challenges

    Successful customer experience leaders do more than identify and solve customer problems. They put the pieces in place to demonstrate the business benefits of CX and lead the shift to a more customer-centric culture. This requires the right organization, governance, metrics and engagement. Gartner can provide customer experience leaders with robust benchmarks, tactical tools and guides, and peer-sourced best practices to help you make informed decisions and execute initiatives quickly.

    Create a High-Impact Customer Experience Strategy

    Over 70% of Customer Experience leaders struggle to design projects that increase customer loyalty and achieve results. Gartner research shows that by improving the product experience and enabling customers to self-affirm their purchase decisions, CX teams can build lasting customer loyalty.

    Deliver Results with these Customer Journey Maps

    Customer experience leaders have established the importance of customer journey maps and how using them in their initiatives exceeds or meets customer expectations. But some still struggle to to use them effectively. This Gartner guide is your step-by-step go-to for a spot on CX strategy.

    Differentiated Digital Experiences to Accelerate Your CX Strategy

    Some digital experiences truly pay off by driving brand preference and customer loyalty. Know how to shape the course of your success with our informative on-demand webinar.

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    Customer Experience questions Gartner can help answer

    A great customer experience helps customer experience leaders establish a point of differentiation from its competitors and recognize how customers consider, buy, use and recommend products and services, thereby lifting satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

    A successful customer experience leader focuses on experiences that help turn prospects into customers and finally to loyal advocates.

    A customer-centric approach with a solid understanding of the customer, balancing of brand benefits, and building quality relationships is the need of the hour!

    A process-driven understanding of your ideal customer, to be able to better attract and retain the customers your brand wants and turn them into business-driving champions makes for a great customer experience.

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