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STAMFORD, Conn., November 10, 2021

Gartner ReimagineHR Conference: Day 3 Highlights

We are bringing you news and highlights from the Gartner ReimagineHR Conference, taking place this week virtually in the Americas. Below is a collection of the key announcements and insights coming out of the conference. You can also read the highlights from day one here and day two here.

On Day 3 from the conference, we are highlighting the guest keynote by entrepreneur and author, Yusef  Salaam, and sessions on making feedback practices equitable, what going hybrid means for culture and how organizations can expand access to hybrid opportunities through redesigned roles. Be sure to check this page throughout the day for updates.

Key Announcements

"Growing” Through, Instead of “Going” Through, Your Experiences

Presented by Yusef Salaam, Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer & Leader

In this session, award-winning motivational and transformational speaker, Yusef Salaam shared his personal approach to “getting out” of the prison of the mind while serving a sentence, as a member of the Exonerated Five, for a crime he did not commi

Key Takeaways

  • “Breaking out of the gravitational pull that is trying to get you to succumb to a reality that you have not chosen for yourself gives you a glimpse into the margins of life that Black and Brown folks find themselves.” 

  • “When you were born with a purpose, and for a purpose, the challenge is for us to vibrate at higher levels in order for that purpose to reveal itself to us.”

  • “People that have gone through oppression have a better example and understanding of what exactly we need in order to survive.”

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Making Feedback Practices Equitable

Presented by Laurence Cacho, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner

Women, and many underrepresented talent segments, report worse-than-average experiences with performance management, especially when it comes to the quality of performance feedback they receive. In this session, Laurence Cacho, Sr Director Analyst, Gartner, shared the challenges employees and organizations face with feedback and best practices for building and sustaining equitable feedback practices.

Key Takeaways

  • “To have a fair experience, employees need to feel informed, supported and acknowledged, and feel like they have a chance.”

  • “Coaching and feedback is an integral part of the employment lifecycle and is additive and instructive to the success of an employee’s career,  and it is vitally important to how employees perceive fairness overall.”

  • “It is important to design and leverage everyday processes, like feedback, to contribute to an equitable experience for all employees.”

  • “Feedback equity would be ensuring that all employees have the same opportunities for feedback, regardless of identity category. But when looking at how employees perceive their feedback processes, a majority of employees are not reporting that.”

  • “Employees often know better than their managers what feedback they need and when.”

What Going Hybrid Means For Culture

Presented by Jérôme Mackowiak, Director, Research, Gartner 

Remote employees have less access to the physical aspects of the company culture, which have historically been viewed as the key diffusers of culture. In this session, Jérôme Mackowiak, Director, Research, Gartner, shared how organizations can build an equitable and inclusive culture when teams adopt distributed work.

Key Takeaways

  • “Culture is how you actually do things at an organization – how you treat each other; how you respond to tough situations like failure and discomfort, and how you celebrate achievements together.”

  • “With less time in the workplace, employees have less access to learning the culture through osmosis – observing ‘how we do things’ from those around them.”

  • “88% of HR leaders say that it is harder to read employees’ body language in the hybrid world – that means that it’s difficult to know what someone is thinking and feeling.” 

  • “In the hybrid world, to avoid employee assumptions about the culture, HR leaders must be more explicit about what behaviors are, or are not, part of the culture.”

  • “In a hybrid culture, connecting intentionally means rethinking how people spend time together – and seeing it as a valuable resource to foster social cohesion through shared experiences.”

  • “The new hybrid environment demands some adjustments on part of leaders in order to ensure that the organizations’ cultures are fostered and maintained.”

Expand Access to Hybrid Opportunities Through Redesigned Roles

Presented by Andy Karr, Director, Research, Gartner 

As HR leaders contemplate a near future where hybrid work is the norm, many are asking, “Which roles in my company could work in a remote setting?” In this session, Andy Karr, Director, Research, Gartner, shared how emerging trends in organizational design and talent mobility can unlock new dimensions of flexibility for employees and breakthrough performance for organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • “The way a role is structured, and the way a team is assembled, largely dictate the way work gets done.”

  • “Organization Design is “work design.” It’s the architecture of your organization, of your team, and ultimately, your job.”

  • “Hybrid is the new reality for those jobs that can effectively work remotely at most organizations. But when hybrid work is treated as a binary based on traditional, pre-pandemic work, it leaves a bigger question about what this hybrid revolution might mean for everyone else.”

  • “Instead of asking, what jobs at my organization can work hybrid, you can ask: what roles in my company can be redesigned to make them more viable in a hybrid setting?”

  • “When you tackle organizational design projects, you must do so for the purpose of unlocking greater business value for the organization.”

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