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CSOs must drive growth in a complex selling environment

Though B2B selling is becoming increasingly complex, demands from the C-suite for continued growth have not slowed. Chief sales officers must make the correct technology, talent, enablement and operational decisions and investments to ensure the function continues to deliver growth.

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Our sales growth is up 20% this year, largely due to the support we've gotten from Gartner.

Heather Combs

Chief Revenue Officer, 3pillar Global

How we address your top challenges

CSOs are pressed to deliver immediate results but often lack the resources necessary to meet these demands whilst also building towards future success. Gartner provides robust benchmarks, tactical tools, and peer-sourced best practices to help you make decisions and execute initiatives confidently.

Make Bold Moves

Nearly 67% of sales organizations are completing, undergoing, or planning a sales transformation to further evolve the function.

Gartner helps you evaluate your sales organization's functional maturity to reveal gaps between where you are and where you want to go. Through benchmarks and tactical tools, we help you make smarter decisions about where to spend time and resources.

Develop your strategic plan

Changes in buying behavior have forced sales leaders to reexamine their strategic plans. Planning that doesn’t account for these changes leads to wasted investments, limited performance gains and damaged credibility. Gartner helps you tackle the essentials of a successful functional strategic plan.

Benchmark your top priorities against other sales leaders

Disruptive technologies, changing customer dynamics and shifting economic conditions mean sales leaders must rethink their functional priorities and investments. Benchmark your top priorities against your peers and develop a sales strategy which engages the C-suite and the broader sales force.

Exclusive content just for CSOs

The Chief Sales Officer is a definitive guide to help you stay ahead of emerging issues. Each quarterly issue focuses on a different theme. From insights on navigating a pending economic downturn, to interviews with the most progressive CSOs in the field, The Chief Sales Officer breaks down the latest insights and best practices to help you drive them to practical execution.

Lessons in Sales Leadership Podcast

Go inside the minds of top chief sales officers. What are their stories? Their challenges? What drives them to succeed? On Lessons in Sales Leadership, sales and marketing guru Brent Adamson interviews heads of sales about the decisions they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey to success as a sales leader.

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CSO & Sales Leaders Conference

A comprehensive conference experience for chief sales officers and sales leaders

Sales leaders face unprecedented changes in customer expectations, technology and the talent needed to drive results. At the Gartner CSO & Sales Leader Conference, October 6-8 , 2020, in Las Vegas, sales leaders will learn from the latest research and Gartner experts covering sales talent, customer buying behavior, account-based marketing strategies and leveraging digital channels. 

This was my first Gartner conference, and I was blown away by the depth of content and delivery of insight. I can already count 10 immediate action items to take back to my team - and it's only the beginning of Day 2! I can't wait to put ideas into action."

Brandy Kline

Expert Sales Enablement , Allscripts

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