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The five most common pilot models for supply chain planning technology

Organizations evaluating supply chain planning (SCP) technology are looking for guidance on how to introduce and select a pilot and make it successful. Including a pilot as part of a software vendor assessment is not a new concept — but in our conversations with organizations and vendors alike, Gartner has observed that the concept of pilots is gaining traction. While the primary underlying need driving the pilot is to fundamentally test the most important business and technical requirements, our research finds that there are five distinct pilot models available in the SCP technology market.

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    Supply chain leaders must assess their company’s risk culture to determine their readiness to explore and adopt emerging offerings. If in doubt, consider piloting small projects to determine whether the potential benefit of the technology trend is worth the risk and required investment in new skills, capabilities and services.

    Christian Titze

    VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

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