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Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends

Gartner surveyed more than 500 supply chain professionals to better understand supply chain technology focus, initiatives, value and challenges.

  • 38% of organizations are improving supply chain technologies to support end-to-end processes
  • Half of supply chain organizations will have invested in artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics by the year 2024
  • 8 supply chain technology trends will accelerate digital transformation over the next several years
  • Follow a 4-step process to ensure strong ROI on supply chain digitalization

Download the report to learn how supply chain technology is used today and how to invest for the future digital supply chain.

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    Supply chain leaders must assess their company’s risk culture to determine their readiness to explore and adopt emerging offerings. If in doubt, consider piloting small projects to determine whether the potential benefit of the technology trend is worth the risk and required investment in new skills, capabilities and services.

    Christian Titze

    VP Analyst, Gartner Research & Advisory

    Employ the right supply chain technologies

    Growing complexity and volatility are forcing organizations to adjust their supply chain technology investments to align with their needs for resiliency, agility and intelligent operations. Innovative supply chain technologies have high potential for positive impacts on people, performance and industries, even digital supply chain ecosystems. This presents the challenge of how to build a supply chain digital foundation, supporting not only business optimization but also business transformation.

    Supply chain IT leaders aiming to understand future risks and opportunities related to supply chain technology can use our insights, advice and tools to help develop these capabilities. 

    36% of supply chain organizations say their own digital projects don't align to their corporate digital business initiatives

    How we address your top IT supply chain challenges

    Supply chain leaders responsible for IT sit where the business and IT intersect. They must balance all needs across the end-to-end supply chain, linking business processes with technology.

    How Microsoft Won the 2023 Supply Chain Award

    Learn how Microsoft's device supply chain developed real-time visibility saving $550 million in inventory risks.

    Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 for 2023

    Discover the 19th annual ranking of the world’s superior supply chains to learn the standard for supply chain excellence.

    Five-Step Plan for Supply Chain Technology Pilots

    Download the research for proven best practices to implement your supply chain technology pilots.

    Piloting Supply Chain Technology

    Download the guide to understand how each pilot model is structured and determine which is best to test your unique technical and business requirements.

    Digital Supply Chain Technology

    Download the report to learn the seven steps that are critical to embed in your supply chain technology implementation plan. 

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    $22 million inventory reduction within the first six months
    Client Success Story

    Aligning supply chain technology with business processes

    Learn how Gartner tools, insights and expert advice helped a manufacturing industry client align its upgraded technology with new business processes resulting in inventory reduction of $22 million dollars within the first six months.

    Supply Chain IT: FAQs

    Supply chain execution (SCE) is focused on execution-oriented applications, including warehouse management systems (WMSs), transportation management systems (TMSs), global trade management (GTM) systems, and other execution applications, such as real-time decision support systems (for example, dynamic routing and dynamic sourcing systems) and supply chain visibility systems within the enterprise, as well as throughout the extended supply chain.

    Supply chain inventory visibility (SCIV) systems allow enterprises to monitor and manage events across the supply chain to plan their activities more effectively and preempt problems. SCIV systems enable enterprises not only to track and trace inventory globally on a line-item level, but also submit plans and receive alerts when events deviate from expectations. This visibility into orders and shipments on a real-time basis gives enterprises reliable advance knowledge of when goods will arrive.

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