CSOs, Break Through Commercial Silos With Revenue Enablement

| 1 hour

B2B buyers have increased their demand for digital activity and engagement with suppliers, meaning sellers are no longer the primary customer engagement channel. Additional channels can reside in other commercial functions, and are often supported with well-intentioned but siloed enablement activities, where KPIs and metrics are based on each function and role. Poor orchestration and channel alignment adversely impact the overall customer experience and the ability to drive commercial results. To combat these challenges, Gartner finds that Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) who have their sales enablement function shift their focus to revenue enablement are 80% more likely to achieve their growth targets. How can CSOs and enablement leaders break down the silos? Join this complimentary webinar to learn how CSOs and enablement leaders can evolve from siloed sales enablement to a more holistic revenue enablement approach. Plus, you’ll hear examples from organizations that have successfully shifted from enabling sellers to enabling revenue.  

  • Learn how to use enablement as a strategic partner in driving commercial growth  

  • Improve orchestration and messaging between commercial silos  

  • Chart your path from enabling sellers to enabling revenue 

Return to this web page to watch the webinar. Contact us at with questions about viewing this webinar.

Hosted by

Doug Bushée

VP Analyst

Nate McCullough

Director, Advisory

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