Marketing Maturity Assessment

Determine your organization’s digital maturity level to define the talent and technology investments needed to push your organization forward. 

Are your digital goals and investments aligned with your organization’s level of marketing maturity?


The Gartner Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment provides an objective evaluation to help you plan more effectively, maximize business potential, and put marketing in the digital driver’s seat.

The Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment makes it easy to see where you stand with respect to the digital initiatives and activities that can have the most impact on your business. How mature is your business in these key areas?

  • Resources
  • Programs
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Data-Driven
  • Commerce
  • Operations
  • Innovation

Our unique methodology helps you develop a clear framework to equip your team with a practical and progressive plan for maximizing marketing’s impact on your business. 

Use the Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment to:

  • Identify the digital strengths and weaknesses of today’s marketing efforts 
  • Jumpstart conversations with business leaders on how to extend marketing’s influence 
  • Finesse resource discussions and facilitate cross-functional planning
  • Define specific initiatives across multiple marketing disciplines
  • Chart clear plans for reaching the next level of marketing maturity