Augie Ray
Research Director

Augie Ray is a Research Director covering customer experience (CX) for marketing leaders. His particular topic areas include the CX strategy and governance, the Buy/Own/Advocate customer journey, Voice of Customer (VoC) and survey strategies, customer journey mapping, CX analytics and measurement, the role of social media and word of mouth (WOM) in CX, and persona development. He helps marketing leaders to launch and manage successful CX programs, gather and use VoC data more effectively, align CX metrics to the right leading indicators of success and improve the use of customer journey maps and personas. Augie also covers the use of augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR, VR and MR) for marketing purposes.

At American Express, Augie was responsible for VoC strategy and action, focused on ways to encourage more use of customer feedback (surveys and complaints) to drive CX improvements. He launched a VoC Action team, following established account management processes to understand the needs of important VoC stakeholders and build proactive strategies. He also launched a simple WOM program to convert Net Promoter Score promoters into active advocates in social media. In this role, he evaluated the role of social media listening for VoC purposes and determined that, for his company's unique situation, the benefits did not justify the investment.

Top 5 Challenges That I Help Clients Tackle

  • What’s the role of social media and word of mouth in customer experience?
  • What’s the most effective way to launch and enhance my customer experience management (CXM) program?
  • How should marketers craft their customer experience objectives and measurements?
  • What’s the best way to leverage customer feedback through VoC programs?
  • How can marketers’ guide and influence the customer experience across functions in the organization?


American Express

Director, VoC Customer Experience Action


Executive Director, Community and Collaboration

Prudential Financial

Director, Social Media Strategy

Forrester Research

Sr. Analyst, Social Computing

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