Andrew Frank

Research VP and Distinguished Analyst

Andrew specializes in best practices for data-driven marketing, including how marketers can use data to drive strategy, sales, loyalty, innovation, and meet business goals.

As the creator of the Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map, Andrew tracks developments in marketing and advertising technologies and translates what that means to digital marketing and business leaders.

Andrew’s extensive agency experience in digital and emerging technologies gives him a unique and seasoned perspective into practical challenges facing marketers today.


Areas of Focus


Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends



Group Director, Engineering

CTO, Media & Entertainment

Head of Software Development

Ogilvy & Mather
Vice President; Partner; Principal for Technical Design; Director of Software Development

Top 5 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. What are the best practices for acquiring and distributing data, both internally and externally?
  2. How can marketers best use data to inform strategic processes such as market evaluation and product development?
  3. Which approaches work best to model and analyze audiences, actions and dialogues?
  4. How can marketers tune in to the "voice of the customer"?
  5. What are the best practices for managing customer data security and privacy?


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