Jane-Anne Mennella analyzes testing and optimization, user experience, user research and customer experience afor marketing leaders. Ms. Mennella's areas of focus include testing and optimization strategies, usability, website design best practices, user research methodologies and CX strategy, design and execution. She helps clients understand and utilize best practices for starting and improving their customer experience, gaining insight into their customers, and in building test and learn cultures.

Before joining Gartner, Ms. Mennella held several positions as VP and Director of Customer Experience and served as a Director of Customer Insight and Optimization. She worked to define, implement and continuously optimize the overall customer experience and champion the use of an array of testing methodologies to ensure usability and understand client needs, values and drivers.


Areas of Focus

Customer Experience Strategy and Design 

Leading and Managing Customer Experience 




Optimization, Customer Experience and UX/User Research Consultant

Wyndham Hotel Group

Director of Customer Insight and Optimization

Merck & Co.

Director of Service Experience

Top 5 Issues That I Help Clients Address

  1. How do we build a test and learn culture?
  2. Which user research methodologies should we use to gain customer insight or improve our customer experience?
  3. What are best practices in user experience?
  4. What are best practices in creating personas and journey maps?
  5. How do user experience and customer experience work together?



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The Value of VoE Goes Beyond Helping Your Customers, It Helps Your Organization, Too

by Jane-Anne Mennella

December 14, 2017