Marketing Technologies And Emerging Trends

Marketers are on the hook to show real return on technology investments. Learn how industry trends and new technologies will influence your organization’s vision, plans and budgets.

Build marketing technology and emerging trends into your digital road map

Work with Gartner to develop a customized action plan that combines ongoing research, expert analysis and proven methodologies. Our team helps you focus your resources and dollars on the technologies and trends with the greatest potential to transform your business.

Plan Features

  • Cool Vendor Reports
  • Trend Analysis
  • Marketing Leader Surveys
  • Presentation Templates
  • Industry Best Practices


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Marketing Technologies and Emerging Trends Research and Methodologies

Turn Gartner’s objective insight into action with in-depth research and proven methodologies, tools and frameworks that help you separate the signal from the noise on emerging technologies & trends.

Marketing Technology and Emerging Trends Focus for 2017
  • Marketing technology spending
  • Digital marketing hubs
  • Marketing technology utilization
  • How to rationalize marketing technologies
  • Martech budgeting, planning and use
  • Martech selection Toolkits
  • Developing a comprehensive technology roadmap
  • Collaborating with technology stakeholders outside marketing
  • New technologies marketers should be tracking
  • The importance of the different technologies reshaping marketing

Proprietary Methodologies

Digital Marketing Transit Map

Simplify the digital landscape by mapping the connections between business functions, applications and providers so that you can easily see where marketing and IT align.

Marketing Performance Benchmarks

Optimize spend and drive maximum marketing effectiveness. Use our benchmark tool to instantly see how your spend measures up across over 30 metrics.

Hype Cycle

Track the maturity of analytic techniques and technologies to determine what works best for you.

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