Modernizing Quality Assurance

Aligning organizational views on quality to customers expectations

Improve Quality Assurance Processes

Eighty-eight percent of service leaders say their current quality assurance (QA) processes are ineffective and rarely match up to the customer view of quality. With contact centers fundamentally shifting their focus from productivity to quality, organizations and reps alike are under increasing pressure to prioritize service quality, not productivity, despite budget constraints. 

88% of service leaders say their current Quality Assurance processes are ineffective and rarely match up to the customer view of quality.

Modernize Quality Assurance

To keep up with a more complex world of customer service, companies should modernize the way they evaluate their reps. Rather than holding reps accountable to strict checklists of behaviors, companies need to create flexible, competency-based guidance that allows reps to deliver personalized customer service.

Gartner predicts that by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI and 85% by all other resolution channels

Quality Assurance Insights

Gartner’s research, tools, events and training help service and support leaders develop a flexible QA framework, gather voice of customer for QA evaluations, evaluate calls internally, and conduct quality assurance trend analysis to reinvent QA and fundamentally improve the quality of the customer service experience.

Improve QA through technology

Service leaders are not impressed by the voice of the customer (VoC) tools, which struggle to understand the nuances of language; however, there is potential for the tools to be used to improve quality assurance.

Where does QA fit into your customer roadmap?

Read our interview with Michael Hadden, VP of Customer Service at E*TRADE, regarding the key elements of his innovative customer service roadmap, which is designed to optimize his function’s performance. 

Current and Future Technologies in Customer Service

Watch this webinar replay as Gartner experts Sarah Dibble and Lauren Villeneuve further explore the most important technologies for today’s customer service function and for future performance. 

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Gartner Quality Assurance Case Studies

[Gartner] helped us work through a QA process that has stayed with us for more years than any other previous quality system had. So we were very fortunate to find Gartner.

Kevin Babb

Vice President, American Cancer Society

How do we help contact centers improve their QA processes?

Kevin Babb, Vice President, National Cancer Information Center, American Cancer Society, explains how Gartner helped them successfully restructure a QA process that has stood the test of time.

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