Fast-Track to Become a World-Class Customer Service Leader

Tactical advice to create a successful customer service strategy

Customer service leaders must deliver a high-quality customer experience

A strong customer service strategy is vital to the satisfaction and loyalty of a company’s customer base. As customer expectations change, driven by digitalization and the emergence of new resolution channels, service leaders must maintain a high-quality customer experience while also managing down the cost of service operations. Download our latest customer service digest for the the latest insights.

Service and Support Planning and Operations
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Insights you can use

Customer loyalty and satisfaction depend on the decisions service leaders make. That’s why we provide you with the indispensable insights, advice and tools needed to create a succesful customer service strategy.  Our research, advice and customer service best practices equip you to reduce customer efforts, optimize service channel strategy, and hire, retain and develop high-potential frontline staff.

Build a Successful Customer Service Strategic Plan

Does your customer service strategy promote functional initiatives that will drive enterprise productivity, innovation and growth? Download Gartner’s  step-by-step guide for customer service best practices for strategic planning and budgeting essentials.

Benchmark Your Service Technology Approach

Benchmark your service technology roadmap against industry trends and see how other service leaders are thinking about service technology investments with our Service Technology Bullseye.

Top 2020 Priorities for Customer Support and Service Leaders

We surveyed customer service leaders to understand their most pressing problems and priorities. Get the insights and customer service best practices from this survey to lead your function to success in 2020.

Boost the Service Rep Experience

Despite investments in various systems and tools to improve frontline rep productivity, service leaders have seen little return. Download this Gartner eBook for tips on identifying what's standing in the way of reps' focus on helping customers.

Exclusive Content for Service Leaders

We've heard repeatedly that there isn't enough content specific to customer service leaders. Gartner created the Service and Support Digest to ensure leaders like you have access to the latest customer service best practices, insights and trends.

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