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Alyssa Cruz

Sr Principal Analyst

Alyssa Cruz is a Senior Principal Analyst in the Gartner for Sales Practice. Alyssa covers a wide range of topics related to Revenue Technology Strategy. Mrs. Cruz uses her past experience to provide clients with guidance related to prospecting, pipeline generation, buying and selling enablement, and developing buying journey aligned processes and technology stacks.

Previous experience

Prior to Gartner, Mrs. Cruz has over a decade of experience in Sales Operations, Forecasting, Pipeline Generation and Management, and Sales Development. She is skilled in simplifying seller processes, improving buyer engagement and collaboration with internal support teams necessary for success of revenue operations, such as Supply Chain, R&D, etc.

Most recently, Mrs. Cruz led the Sales Operations and Business Development functions of a textile manufacturing organization. In this role, she managed a complex team comprised of internal and external sales members. She developed methods to deliver enablement, metrics, and predictive intelligence to sellers, executive leadership and other stakeholders.

Professional background

Polo Custom Products

Business Development & Sales Operations

Athene USA


Areas of coverage

Sales Enablement

Sales Execution

Revenue Technology


Bachelors of Business Administration in Economics & Management from Washburn University.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Identifying the right execution tactics to drive revenue growth

2Aligning the sales process to the buying journey

3Developing buyer centric messaging that leads to higher engagement

4How to develop playbooks that lead to streamlined sales processes

5How sales organizations can improve buyer and seller enablement through technology