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Bill Yetman

Sr Director Analyst

Bill Yetman primarily covers the Sales Enablement Key Initiative in the Gartner Sales research practice. Mr. Yetman helps Gartner clients examine sales enablement opportunities in the domains of sales content, enablement strategy, enablement platforms, and onboarding. He also covers questions on adult learning theory and principles, instructional design, learning management systems, authoring platforms, asynchronous sales training and social selling.

Mr. Yetman previously led the global sales training and development function of a Fortune 500 company. He was also Principal of a consulting firm focused on outsourced sales enablement strategy and talent development concentrated in the Hospitality, Tourism, IT and Strategy Execution Industries. He has experience supporting sales-led, product-led and hybrid growth models, and he has a personal passion for better identifying and engaging buyers within the visible and dark purchase journey.

Previous experience

In my own consultancy - our team extended the reach and expertise for project-based work for many public companies while assisting seed to C-round start-ups gain launch speed faster than their competitors.

Professional background

BY Design Training


Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Director, Global Sales Training and Development

Areas of coverage

Sales Operations

Sales Enablement

Sales Strategy and Leadership

Sales Execution

Revenue Technology


University of Texas, San Antonio

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Maximize learning and development through LMS and authoring tools

2Leveraging adult learning principles and models to accelerate ramp, time to first deal, and time to quota attainment

3Understanding and leveraging dark funnel buying intent and its impact on traditional sales deployment strategies

4Rearchitecting sales process strategies for SLG organizations transitioning to a PLG (or hybrid) motion

5Translating deal cycle/velocity analysis into sales process training