Gartner Expert

Christopher Gamble

Sr Director Analyst

Work with organizations' senior commercial executives and leaders (CSO, head of sales, head of sales strategy and operations, and sales enablement) to deliver benchmarks, explain frameworks, share best practices, and demonstrate approaches to better enable growth, acquisition, and retention of clients.

Previous experience

Outsourced/Interim/Fractional Sales Executive specializing in penetration of new markets and verticals, optimization of operations, building and top-grading sales team, business pivots, and turnarounds.

Professional background

Agile Foxx Holdings, LLC

Founder / Managing Partner / SVP, Sales


Head of Sales

General Electric

Head of Global Sales and Commercial Operations

Areas of coverage

Sales Enablement


Executive Leadership: Talent

Sales Strategy and Leadership

Executive Leadership: Leadership Dynamics


Bachelor of Science - Information Technology Administration and Management

Fowler College of Business, San Diego State University

Honors: Outstanding Graduating Senior

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Sales Playbooks and Guided Selling - enable consistent sales process execution across sales teams

2Sales Talent - Sourcing, Attraction, Engagement, Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Retention - Sellers & Managers

3Sales Teams - Roles, Competencies, Design, Alignment, Clarity, Culture and Communication

4Sales Enablement - Bootcamps / Virtual & Fail Fast Onboarding, Kickoffs and Events

5Sales Leadership Development & Training - Identifying Critical Sales Skills/Competencies