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Jonathan Care

Sr Director Analyst

Jonathan Care is a Research Director at Gartner Research. Mr. Care's area of expertise includes payment systems, cybersecurity, fraud detection and prevention applications, authentication, identity proofing, identity theft and insider threats. He also covers the PCI compliance program, tokenization and the security aspects of payment systems. His technical experience provides insight into application and network security, including secure coding standards and practices, red/blue teaming, vulnerability management, and firewalls, IDS/IPS and SIEM.

Previous experience

Previously, Mr. Care has been responsible for running technical consulting teams specializing in PCI compliance and fraud, as well as penetration testing and digital forensics, and was responsible for providing analysis and research within Visa Europe. He has also designed cryptographic solutions for government.

He has performed numerous forensic computing investigations as part of the PCI incident response program and has testified as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases.

Professional background

Visa Europe

Product Risk Research


Senior Consulting Manager

Sun Microsystems

Security Engineer

Areas of coverage

Security and Risk Management Leaders

Security of Applications and Data

Security Operations

Security of the Cloud

Identity and Access Management and Fraud Detection


M.A., English with honors, Communications Engineering, University of Plymouth

Fellow of the British Computer Society

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to select and operate fraud detection and fraud prevention technologies

2How to select and operate identity proofing systems

3How to manage and deploy employee monitoring systems

4How to develop and deploy fraud intelligence services

5How to measure, monitoring and investigate the insider threat