Kara McGuire

VP, Team Manager

Kara McGuire is a Vice President on the Gartner for Marketing Leaders team. She manages a team of analysts focused on consumer insights within Gartner for Marketing Leaders. Her team advises marketing leaders on consumer values and behaviors, with particular focus on understanding generations and demographic groups, how consumers use communications and buying platforms and why marketers must understand the cultural and societal context that consumers are living in today.

Prior to her management responsibilities, Ms. McGuire studied Gen Z and Parents as well as consumer money behavior and financial services.

Previous experience

At the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Ms. McGuire wrote an award-winning, syndicated personal finance column and covered business topics such as housing, investments, consumer spending and financial planning. At American Public Media, she was a producer of several programs including Marketplace Money.

Professional background

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Personal finance columnist

American Public Media


Areas of coverage

Multichannel Marketing

Branding and Value Proposition

Consumers and Culture


B.A., History, Macalester College

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Who are tomorrow's key consumers (Gen Z, multicultural consumers, etc.), and how can I start building a relationship with them today?

2How is consumer adoption of emergent communication channels and buying platforms creating new behavioral norms and marketing opportunities?

3How can I understand the business impact of emergent cultural phenomena and divisive societal flashpoints on my brand's relationship to consumers?

4What are the values and behaviors of consumers across income levels today and what does that mean for my brand?

5How do economic and societal forces influence consumer behaviors and attitudes related to money?