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Mark Gilbert

Sr Director Analyst

Mr. Gilbert is a Research Director responsible for digital health across all sectors of the Healthcare industry; life sciences, healthcare providers and insurance companies. He has conducted strategic planning for Integrated Health Systems, academic medical centers, healthcare insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. His research focuses on digital health strategies that leverage disruptive technology and innovation to transform health systems.

During his 30+ years of healthcare experience, Mark has guided teams that have been responsible for the visioning of several new hospitals that have become, and will become, top 20 (U.S. News & World Report ranking) rated adult and children's hospitals. His current hospital visioning work focuses on the synthesis of digital health modalities to form the core of a virtualized continuum of care model that extends the delivery of care, including health and wellness, beyond the physical boundaries of traditional hospital settings.

Roles and responsibility

CEO, CIO, CMIO, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Experience Officer, Chief Innovation Officer

Previous experience

Mr. Gilbert is also actively working with Integrated Health Systems to define a new customer experience health delivery model that centers on customer engagement. This model has been proven to engage customers to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Mr. Gilbert was Vice President of Operations at SmartStop, a pre-IPO startup telecommunications company. Responsible for managing operations, product research and development, and network engineering functions. Prior to this, he was a Global Practice Manager for Superior Consultants. Worked with health systems, Governments and foreign corporations to launch several competitive telephone companies.

Professional background


VP Operations

Superior Consultants

Global Practice Manager, Telecommunications


Major Account Manager

Areas of coverage

Healthcare Consumer, Member and Patient Engagement (retired)

Healthcare Analytics Strategy and Innovation (retired)

Healthcare Next-Generation Strategy Development (retired)

Life Science Digital R&D and Commercial Strategy and Innovation


Executive MBA degree from the University of Southern California

Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Southern California.

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1Digital business transformation

2Digital operating model

3Digital technologies

4Consumer engagement

5Enterprise analytics