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Philip Dawson

VP Analyst

Philip Dawson is a Vice President in Gartner Research. Mr. Dawson specializes in intelligent infrastructure and hyperconvergence as a part of integrated systems and data center infrastructure modernization, cloud, ERP, and server platforms.

He is a leading authority on Linux, UNIX and Windows server infrastructure strategies. He focuses on virtualization, portfolio consolidation, ERP migration and rationalization processes, and enabling cloud delivery as key components of his coverage areas. He has been at Gartner for 21 years and has more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry.

Previous experience

Prior to joining Gartner through the Meta Group acquisition, Mr. Dawson was a Competitive Market Research Manager with Sequent Computer Systems, Europe. In this role, he worked in product marketing, helping develop UNIX/NT integration strategies and introduce Intel IA-32/IA-64 NUMA platforms. Before this, he worked at Santa Cruz Operation as the Product Marketing Manager for all the layered products.

Professional background

Meta Group

Vice President

Sequent Computer Systems

Competitive Market Research Manager

Santa Cruz Operation

Product Marketing Manager

Areas of coverage

Infrastructure and Operations Leaders

Data Center Infrastructure

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure


B.A., With Honors, Computing in Business, Huddersfield Polytechnic

Diploma, Computer Studies

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1ERP platform selection

2Intelligent infrastructure as a part of integrated systems and hyperconvergence

3Server platform and operating system positioning

4Heavily virtualized and/or private cloud

5Data center impact of cloud and virtualization initiatives