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Rupinder Chandhok

Director Analyst

Rupinder supports Customer Service and Support Operations and Talent, including employee performance, quality assurance (QA) and training, development, workforce management and operational productivity. He brings over 20 years of experience in BPO-related Strategy and leadership roles with managing global vendors supporting multiple channels.

In his most recent role with TCS/Diligenta, Rupinder has managed UK onshore voice teams supporting pensions and life customers and an offshore team managing the back-office operations. Additionally, Rupinder initiated a strategy to implement workforce management to support hybrid working and to give complete visibility of all operational functions and digital adaptions within different customer journeys to maximise utilisation and productivity.

In his prior role with Expedia, Rupinder has managed global vendors supporting different languages, demographics, strategic clients and different loyalty/reward customers. Also, Rupinder has led and managed work streams such as universal agent and global escalations support, as well as gained substantial experience in BPO/ outsourcing services management. Other focus areas have been KPIs and vendors performance, upskilling and training, quality and customer experience (CX) transformation.

Rupinder's previous roles have given him significant experience with keeping the customer journey and CX at the center of every organisational decision, from driving operational changes to adopting new technology.

Previous experience

In all my previous roles I have managed and supported teams in achieving their customer service goals by enhancing performance by improving customer journey, launching self service options, adapting to VOC and CX results to understand what can be improved and making sure the internal processes like Q&A and Training are supporting the functional teams in achieving productivity.

Professional background

Tata Consultancy Services/Diligenta

Head of Digital Customer Experience and Operations

Expedia Inc

Global Vendor Operations

Areas of coverage

Service and Support Strategy and Leadership

Service and Support Talent and Operations

Service and Support Customer Experience and Analytics

Service and Support Channel Strategy and Execution


Bachelors in Commerce and Accounting from Lucknow University, India

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Top Issues That I Help Clients Address

1How to optimise customer operations to improve customer journeys and organisational performance.

2How to align workforce management processes with productivity and operational parameters.

3How to identify processes to consider for outsourcing and self-service to achieve maximum overall productivity without compromising the customer experience.

4How to set up KPI frameworks to measure performance for multiple vendors and channels.

5How to maximise the effectiveness of processes, such as QA & Training and generating positive impacts on performance.