Driving Digital Maturity in Finance


As digital maturity becomes an increasingly important topic in the CFO community, finance teams are tasked with understanding how their transformation efforts stack up against peers' and how to close their maturity gaps. Explore how the CFO of SpotHero leveraged Gartner research and benchmarking support to advance the finance function's digital maturity. and roadmap a path to success.

Mission-critical priority

Assess and advance the finance function's digital maturity.

How Gartner helped

With Gartner Finance's Digital Maturity Survey tool, the CFO was able to better understand where their function had maturity gaps in relation to their peers and build a roadmap for how to close those gaps at SpotHero. Gartner Finance provided insights on how to design a digitally-advance team, determine appropriate KPIs and invest for a digitally advanced future.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, SpotHero: 

  • Identified how digitally mature their finance function was comparatively to peers to determine competency gaps and areas of improvement.
  • Developed roadmap(s) for closing their competency gaps to advance the function's overall digital maturity.

Software Development

$30 million


Chief Financial Officer

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For me, it’s all about trust—it’s comprehensiveness of research. The fact that [Gartner] continues to invest in and get the best experience and bring it forward. I love the simple frameworks, I love the actionable bullet points… the biggest ROI for me is time saved. As CFO, I get to go to one place and find the research and really leverage it to help the business scale.

Varvara Alva

CFO, SpotHero