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Expert insight to help government finance leaders drive and sustain organizational impact

Focus on the right finance activities

With the right plan, government finance leaders avoid wasting attention, time and money on activities that won’t move the needle. Download Gartner’s Finance Map to prioritize on the activities that matter most.

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Prioritize your go-forward plan

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    We received around $100,000 worth of value from Gartner research and calls with subject matter experts about our budget challenges, functional reorganization and shared services initiative. Quite frankly, we would have been flying blind without Gartner.

    Government Organization

    Government finance leadership is mission critical

    In today’s dynamic environment, an effective financial management strategy is critical to achieving government finance priorities. Government finance leaders know that data assets are essential to strong decision making, and the majority value greater visibility and greater collaboration on data. But few use centralized, tightly governed analytic techniques for government finance: Most simply report financial data, and when they do apply analysis, it’s in support of routine, calendar-driven processes.

    73% of finance functions favor a centralized, tightly governed source for data.

    How we address your top challenges

    Government finance leaders struggle with delivering high-quality data analytics for many reasons, including an excessive amount of data, an insufficient amount of time and a lack of processes, tools and skills. Our expert advice and unrivaled insights into the best practices of government finance leaders equip you to overcome these worsening challenges and drive organizational impact through government finance leadership.

    Execute government finance transformation

    85% of finance teams are undergoing or planning a finance transformation. But 70% of finance transformation initiatives fail to deliver anticipated benefits. Avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on best practices to transform government finance successfully.

    Lead the government finance workforce

    Almost half of senior executives worry that leaders aren’t prepared to manage the future workforce. Adapt government finance leadership to meet the workforce’s evolving needs.

    Prioritize government finance leadership

    CFOs believe that 25% of their time is improperly used. Are you spending too much time on low-value activities? Determine where government finance leadership will drive the highest organizational impact.

    Questions about becoming a Gartner client?

    New to your role?

    As government finance becomes more complex, it’s critical for new government finance leaders to assume a range of early responsibilities effectively. Using insight from new and tenured CFOs, we’ve identified the key drivers of successful CFO role transitions, and we can equip you with the tools to make a fast, successful impact.

    Gartner’s finance experts are trusted, objective advisors for 1,750+ finance organizations.

    Gartner for Finance provides insights, advice and tools to help finance leaders make the right decisions to drive performance.