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Finance’s aim is business growth

Most finance leaders recognize how to manage costs efficiently, but their organizations struggle to deliver growth that consistently meets investor expectations. However, many rely on outdated approaches to enable and evaluate business growth investments, and struggle to keep up with today's fast-paced digital business environment.

71% of finance teams are more concerned about losing money to a bad investment than about failing to provide further funding to a good investment that requires it
We no longer focus on ‘why you’re off budget.’ Instead, we set targets and relevant forecasts, and discuss how the business can come together to deliver the outcome.

Andrew Westermeyer

Finance Director for Group Services, RCL Foods

How we address your top challenges

Positioning the business to deliver simultaneous top-line and bottom-line growth is difficult, but achievable for CFOs. Our expert advice and unrivaled insights into the best practices of leading CFOs and fInance teams will equip you to excel at your leadership responsibilities, achieve your mission-critical priorities and grow your business.

Identify the key components of successful finance strategies based on proven best practices, and gain templates and checklists to help you plan, communicate and execute your finance strategy effectively.

Leading companies do four things differently to grow their top line while cutting the right costs. Discover how finance leaders can enable the business to drive sustainable growth and performance, even during times of economic uncertainty.

85% of finance teams are undergoing or planning a finance transformation. However, 70% of finance transformation initiatives fail to deliver the forecast benefits to the business. Avoid common pitfalls and capitalize on best practices to transform your finance function successfully.

As digital technologies continue to disrupt industries and markets, the finance function must also transform to leap competition. Discover 10 trends shaping the future of finance with new processes, technologies and business models.

Financially unsound decision making puts 3% of profits at risk, and more than 20% of decision makers don’t consider the financial impact of their decisions. Understand how finance leaders can position their team to enable business decisions that maximize returns.

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As the CFO role becomes more complex, it’s critical for new CFOs to assume a range of early responsibilities effectively. Using insight from new and tenured CFOs, we’ve identified the key drivers of successful CFO role transitions, and can equip you with the tools to make a fast, successful impact.

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