Building the Finance Department Strategy

The Standard

Tasked with building an entire finance department strategy from scratch, Karen Holsinger, Senior Director Corporate Finance and Accounting at The Standard, needed to understand what components to include in her finance strategic plan and how to execute on that plan. With the help of Gartner's expert advisors, Karen was able to create a consumable, actionable finance strategy that combined best practices from other organizations while focusing on the unique priorities of her organization.

Most critical priority

Build a corporate finance department strategy that is consumable, actionable and aligned with the organization's mission-critical priorities. 

How Gartner helped

With Gartner for Finance best practice research and expert advisors, the Sr. Director of Finance and Accounting was able to identify what other organizations were doing well that allowed them to build and execute on their own corporate strategies. Gartner advisors tactically built The Standard's outsourcing priorities into their finance strategic plan, identifying accurate measures of success and building a finance department strategy that was unique and actionable to their organization.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, The Standard: 

  • Identified the most important components to include in their finance department strategy, as well as how to prioritize those components in an actionable way.
  • Built an outsourcing strategy within their finance strategic plan to maximize the value of their outsourcing processes.
  • Will be leveraging Gartner's Finance Digital Score to determine how to build digital into their current finance strategic plan.


Approx. $2 Billion


Achieve your most critical priorities with Gartner for Finance Leaders

Working with Gartner is easy. I have a great account executive who is usually five steps ahead of me. As soon as I have a conversation with my account executive, she has a call lined up, an advisor lined up… that advisor [listens] to my challenges and even [provides] me with additional tools and resources after that call.

Karen Holsinger

Senior Director Corporate Finance and Accounting, The Standard