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Domain Group

Domain Group offers an ecosystem of leading Australia multi-platform property solutions. Inspiring confidence in all of life’s property decisions.

Mission-critical priority

  1. Develop a world class, strategic business partnering function
  2. Transform digital capabilities through successful ERP, analytics and finance technology
  3. Ensure rigorous Cost discipline and efficient resource allocation

How Gartner helped

  • Expert conversations and best practice approaches to improve Forecast Accuracy and target setting
  • Post-modern ERP discussion with Analyst for Business Transformation
  • Finance Strategy/Roadmap development and execution, combined with deployment of Gartner Score Diagnostic to ID priority areas
  • Expert advice, case studies and tools for Investment Governance and standardization
  • Deployed CFO Personal Effectiveness Diagnostic to improve time management, resource allocation and efficiency in Finance Leadership Team
  • Digital Metrics Cascade to aid KPI and Metric selection linking drivers to business goals and optimizing Digital Transformation
  • Finance Business Partnering executable strategy, L&D program capability uplift for improved decision 

Mission accomplished

With Gartner’s support, the CFO and his leadership team was able to recover a significant amount of time and cost and deliver ROI for the organization. 

Goals met:

  • Develop and operationalize the strategy while uplifting the capability of the team
  • Diagnostic deployment would have cost $30k+
  • Forecast accuracy improvement of estimated $1-3M
  • Finance Technology cost avoidance of around $200k
  • Risk reduction for ERP deployment
  • Brought forward strategy development by 2 months
  • Total equivalent consulting spend would have been $50k
  • $40k saved on hiring
  • Delivered leading internal L&D Finance Program cost avoidance $25-50K

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Rob Doyle,

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for Finance

Gartner has been a fantastic partner in our Finance transformation journey. I and my team have really appreciated the responsiveness and tailored solutions and insights that Gartner has provided, and the learning and development resources that the team has had access to has contributed to a significant uplift in team engagement.

Rob Doyle

CFO, Domain Group

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