CFO Strategy in Times of Change

Create value from high-risk, high-impact events

Times of change require a winning CFO strategy

The pace of change is fast, organizations are becoming more complex, and CFOs are finding themselves in increasingly unfamiliar situations, forced to write the playbook on what makes a great CFO as they go.

One of the key priorities that Gartner helped me with as I entered this job was getting key metrics in place.
CFO, Not-for-Profit Organization

How we address CFO’s top challenges

Every CFO experiences major change. What differentiates great CFOs is how they turn major changes into legacy-defining moments: We examine winning CFO strategy for high-risk, high-impact events.

CFO strategy for M&A

The CFO is involved in all aspects of merger and acquisition (M&A), from deal selection to planning, execution and integration. Develop the CFO strategy for M&A using our playbook, which outlines a step-by-step M&A project plan for the CFO.

CFO strategy for divestitures

After announcing a divestiture, the CFO must quickly and correctly determine how to structure G&A and finance staff and spend at a smaller organization. Our guidebook outlines setting up a best-practice G&A metrics program, a critical part of CFO strategy.

CFO strategy for organizational restructuring

Amid layoffs, a hiring freeze or restructuring, the CFO must keep high-potential employees (HIPOs) engaged. Talent management is key to CFO strategy: Read this case study on how a top financial services company innovated on career development to engage HIPOs.

CFO strategy for entering international markets

Expanding into a new region can dramatically change CFO strategy, from the front office to the back office of the finance department. Our research examines how winning CFOs shift finance staff and spend levels, reporting lines and centralization.

New corporate headquarters location: CFO strategy

The top CFO strategy priority after a major move is finding new talent. See how this large transportation services company improved return on its hiring investments by screening candidates for influence skills.

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New to the CFO role?

As the CFO role becomes more complex, it’s critical that CFO strategy be agile. Using insight from new and tenured CFOs, we’ve identified the key drivers of successful CFO role transitions and can equip you with the CFO strategy tools to make a fast, successful impact.

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