CFO Strategy in Times of Change

Create value from high-risk, high-impact events

CFO strategy for the future of finance

94% of CFOs say they have greater ambitions for digital finance growth and spending, and most expect digital technologies to dramatically transform their industry by 2026. 

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  • Understand how CFOs can shift their mindset to become digital finance leaders 

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    Times of change require a winning CFO strategy

    The pace of change is fast, organizations are becoming more complex, and CFOs are finding themselves in increasingly unfamiliar situations, forced to write the playbook on what makes a great CFO as they go.

    More than 50% of change management initiatives fail. Fewer than 33% are deemed fully successful.

    How we address CFO’s top challenges

    Every CFO experiences major change. What differentiates great CFOs is how they turn major changes into legacy-defining moments: We examine winning CFO strategy for high-risk, high-impact events.

    CFO strategy for overcoming digital conservatism

    CFOs overwhelmingly agree that their organizations must use digital technology to become more productive and effective, but their teams remain reluctant to embrace the technology. Overcoming this reluctance is critical for CFOs to achieve their goal of being digital by default by 2025. Learn the steps finance leaders must take to reset their team’s expectations and get their organization to embrace digital technology.

    CFO strategy for enhancing profitability

    94% of CFOs have greater ambitions for digital growth, but driving digital acceleration while enhancing near-term profitability is no easy task. Learn the seven mistakes CFOs should avoid when managing profitability in this environment and frameworks for how to segment costs in a way that will differentiate your performance in the coming quarters and years.

    CFO strategy for thriving in the face of change

    The volume of small organizational changes, such as job responsibilities or a new boss, far outpaces larger shifts, and the collective impact can be more disruptive for employees. During times of change, employees exert more effort to get their work done, impacting their mental energy. Equip your employees with tools and support to not just cope with, but thrive in the face of continuous change.

    CFO strategy for a high-value CEO relationship

    The CFO-CEO relationship is the most important executive relationship for the CFO’s contribution to company performance. To help CFOs make decisions about how to increase the return on this relationship, we analyzed survey responses from a global group of more than 100 CFOs.

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    How Gartner helps CFOs during times of change

    As the CFO role becomes more complex, it’s critical that CFO strategy be agile. Using insight from new and tenured CFOs, we’ve identified the key drivers of successful CFO role transitions and can equip you with the CFO strategy tools to make a fast, successful impact.

    One of the key priorities that Gartner helped me with as I entered this job was getting key metrics in place.
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