Finance Transformation

Transform your finance team to maximize business profitability

Finance transformation mandate: Do better with less

Finance leaders struggle to balance increasing demands for finance function support with decreasing finance function budgets. Many are initiating finance transformations to manage these pressures, but only 30% of these efforts succeed.

Using Gartner resources, we cut the time needed to restructure the finance organization in half, and we achieved a high-quality outcome.

Ivan Duvnjak

CFO, Bariatrix Nutrition

Ensure the success of your finance transformation

Gartner has worked with 77% of the Fortune 1000 on finance transformations to document best practices that enable successful finance transformation at any organization. Our insights, data, best-practice roadmaps and leadership frameworks ensure the speed and quality of your finance transformation. 

Only 30% of finance transformations deliver on the forecasted benefits to the business.

Finance transformation initiatives

We enable finance leaders to:

  • Evaluate, prioritize and scope activities to build a finance transformation roadmap
  • Create a future-state design with best practices, case studies and tools to support the business case
  • Implement strategies that create value for business partners
  • Keep finance transformation projects on schedule, on budget and sustainable

Read how we helped the City of Sydney steer large-scale finance transformation and drive continuous improvement.

Finance operational efficiency

A driving factor for many finance transformation efforts is to drive productivity and cut costs. The best way to start evaluating the areas that need improvement is to start with benchmarking the metrics that are key to finance operational efficiency.

81% of companies have experienced a major reorganization in the past 12 months
For strategic decisions, top-quartile analysis can increase sales by 1%

Finance analytics

Many finance leaders find it difficult to convert finance analytics to business insights as part of finance transformation initiatives. Recapture the value of finance analytics in corporate decision making.

A graph showing the Indexed value of decisions driven by bottom-, average-, and top-quality analysis, reported by senior decision makers.

Finance talent

Finance talent needs are shifting at a rapid pace, and it is vital to finance transformation success that finance leaders equip the finance function with next-generation skills.

Effective talent managers are 50% more likely to exceed their financial goals
89% of shared-service organizations have more work to do and 57% have less money to do it with

Shared services

Finance transformation initiatives require significant alignment with shared services. Adjust the back office to be more cost-efficient.

89% of shared-service organizations have more work to do and 57% have less money to do it with

Finance IT

Whether your finance transformation involves a complete overhaul of your IT systems or improving existing outdated systems, it’s necessary to understand the changing IT landscape to do it successfully.

29% of teams say that the current finance IT operating model effectively supports technology needs.

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Gartner CFO & Finance Executive Conference

The premier destination for CFOs and their leadership teams

Join hundreds of senior finance executives to hear key insights and learn actionable strategies for building the finance function of the future. Finance leaders who attend will:

  • Absorb insights based on proven practices
  • Capture crowd-sourced implementation ideas
  • Leave with prioritized objectives and practical solutions
  • Build lasting connections with finance peers
After attending [the Finance Conference], we were able to locate and mitigate a $2 million risk [and] avoided a potential audit.

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Case Study

How does Gartner support finance transformation?

Listen to the Capital Blue Cross CFO discuss Gartner’s end-to-end management support and expertise in business transformation.

Gartner Finance Transformation Experts

Gartner’s Finance experts include more than 35 people worldwide. Meet a few of our leaders. 

Vince Griffin
VP, Advisory

Timothy Raiswell
VP Analyst

Johanna Robinson
Managing VP

Dennis Gannon
VP, Advisory

Gartner’s finance experts are trusted, objective advisors for 1,750+ finance organizations

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